Monday, April 21, 2014

Kissing Game!

Last year Ga-Ga & Pa starting coming up on Monday nights so Michael and I could go to our Community Group. Then earlier this year our Community Group moved to meeting on Sunday nights instead. Since the kids were used to seeing Ga-Ga & Pa we asked if they would still like to come up and have family night with us every other Monday. Of course they said yes! Of course we also included Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie...AKA "TT" to Zeke. I think we've had 3 family nights so far and it's been so nice. I love that the kids are getting to see their Auntie and Uncle more and we are too! 

Last Monday the adults were sitting around the dining room table chatting and Zeke decided to play with a mini water bottle. 

At first he was just rolling it a little ways from him and then grabbing it. But then he rolled it too hard or Aunt Stephie grabbed it....I'm not sure which one. 

Zeke got up on the table to retrieve it. This is when I said....yep the fourth child gets to climb on the table. Us babies of the family get away with everything! When he went to grab for the bottle Auntie said..."Kiss!" 

And he kissed her! Auntie is always trying to get Zeke to kiss her and he finally did. It was so sweet! 

He played with the bottle a bit in the middle of the table. 

I think Ga-Ga was trying to snag it from him here. That look is so mischievous! 

Then it was back to the game. Roll water bottle...climb on the table...

and give kisses! 

The funniest part of the evening was when Steph found out that Zeke has had a runny nose. She was thinking...great now I'm gonna get a cold! The next time Zeke came over to get the bottle she tried to turn her head so he would kiss her on the cheek. Instead Zeke just chased her lips. He moved to the left then she switched cheeks and he followed her. It was back and forth, back and forth until she finally kissed him on the lips! He's tenacious that one! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Day Of Spring Break!

Backtracking a bit....on the first day of the kids spring break we had made plans to meet up with Kim and the kids at Steele Lake Park. The kids love the wooden play structure there. Well....we showed up and the play structure is being completely changed so it was shut down for construction! It looks like it's going to be equally as awesome as it was before, but it put a little kink in our plans. When Kim showed up we decided to go to Celebration Park which was just a few miles down the road. 

I've taken the kids to this park's not the greatest, but the fact that we were able to be outside and the sun was shining made up for it! 

I think everyone else in Federal Way had the same idea! The park wasn't crowded right away, but by the time we decided to eat our picnic lunch it was busy! 

It's amazing what a little time out in the fresh air can do for your mood. I love the sun! 

It was also great for the boys to get to play together. They used to see each other almost everyday when we were homeschooling together. Now they only get to see each other on Tuesday's at Taekwondo or on special outings like this. That is the part about sending the boys to public school that makes me the saddest. That and I don't get to see Kim nearly as often either! 

When did he get so big? 

Look hands! Wooooo!!!

This girl was so happy it was warm enough to take her coat off....I made her wear one in the first place and she just detests coats! 

It did end up getting quite warm with the sun shining on us...I'm counting down the days until we're in shorts and tank tops! 

It was a nice morning of playing, eating and spending time with friends. Looking forward to more outings this summer! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Owen Beach!

Last week was spring break for the kids...Michael couldn't take the whole week off, but he did take Friday so we could have a family day. We had two if the weather was sunny and one if it was rainy.

Friday was so nice so it was option number 1....Point Defiance Park.  

It was almost 2 years from the day that we were last on this particular beach. This is where Starr took my belly pictures with Zeke in April 2012. 

Even though it was beautiful out we did make the kids wear their coats. Down by the water it was a little windy. 

Two of my handsome guys! 

It was so clear out....perfect day! 

We spent quite a bit of time down at the water. The kids love to throw rocks. 

Love this man! 

There was actually a group of teenagers that were there on a field trip or something....they actually took off their shoes and got in the water. Brrrrr! 

Almost a real smile! He's really good at the fake cheesy smile right now! 

Owen was at the water almost the entire time throwing rocks. Michael and I were sure that his arms would get tired eventually....nope! 

Zeke would get within inches of the water, pick up a rock and then throw it and it would barely make it into the water. It was hilarious! 

We saw so many boats out enjoying the day as well. 

One speed boat went by and stirred up the surf. The waves got a bit more aggressive and it freaked Zeke 

Nice action shot! 

During this picture Zeke saw his reflection in the camera lens and started saying "baby". 

Toward the end of our time at the beach Owen was at the water throwing rocks, Michael and I were sitting on a huge piece of driftwood, Zeke was playing a game of you pick me up and I'll slide back down the driftwood and Ella and Jack were trying to collect as many cool rocks and pieces of shells they could possibly fit in their pockets! It was great fun! 

Friday, April 18, 2014


Where's my Zeke Man? 

I see you! 

Where's Zeke Russell?

Where's my baby boy?

There he is!!! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time For Taekwondo!

Back when Ella turned 3 I put her in Taekwondo with the boys. I even bought her a uniform and everything. Then about 2 weeks later she decided it wasn't for her. I sold her uniform to my friend Kim for her son Josiah and figured only the boys would participate. Fast forward 6 months or so and then Logan became interested in joining in with the boys and of course Ella did as well.

This time around I had the girls go a month before I ordered the uniforms.   

On Tuesday when we went to class the were in. Due to growth I just ended up getting Jack a new uniform and then gave his smaller one to Ella. She didn't mind! 

 The newer uniforms have the new logo on them. Jack was checking out Logan's! Eventually they'll all have the new logo. I really should have probably ordered a new uniform for Owen has well....his is getting a little high waterish! 

And because Zeke man didn't want to be left out...he back himself right up to the wall and said, "Eeeeee"! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy Boys!

Last Monday was GORGEOUS!! 

That morning I told the boys it was going to be 72 degrees and that's when Owen said, "That's swimming pool weather!" Not really! 

When we got home from the park and grocery shopping they were insistent on as least running through the sprinkler. 

They love to run under the arching stream of water. I remember this was one of my favorite things to do as a kid as well. 

Then they got out the balls and played this game they made up where they run out and try to grab as many as they can without getting wet. 

They were out there so much longer than I thought they would. 

In the end Owen was actually sitting right in the stream of water! 

It was nice to see them enjoying the outdoor after such a gloomy winter! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Uncorked Canvas - Round Two!

 On Sunday I got to go to Uncorked Canvas again! This time it was for my friend Starr's birthday. It was a private event just for her and her friends. It was great! 

Before we got started Starr snapped this selfie of us. I love it! Good friends are such a treasure! 

Time to paint! 

Since it was a private event Starr got to choose which painting she wanted to do from their gallery. At first she asked for suggestions, but then she decided to pick the painting herself and then keep it a surprise. When Katelyn the teacher of the class revealed it we were all pleased. It's a very pretty picture! 

I really do love painting...more than I thought I would, but the worse part about it is the aching back I end up having. Those little stools with no support for your back are killer! 

Thankfully the sun for this picture was much easier to paint. 

Getting the posts to turn out right took a little planning. 

The clouds were probably the hardest part for everyone. I'm actually really pleased with how my clouds turned out. 

The vineyard was the part I was worried about the most, but I think it ended up looking pretty good. 

All of us ladies with our works of art!

Happy Early Birthday Starr!!!